Winners announced in Plan-Asian Development Bank youth reporter contest

We are pleased to announce the selection of 9 brilliant youths from across the region in Asia who are winners of a Youth Reporters’ Initiative contest we held by Plan International and the Asian Development Bank.

Young people from 9 countries in Asia were invited to showcase their talent and creativity under the theme of “Skills Development and Employment for the iGen”.  The Youth were asked to respond in a creative and original way to the question of what skills and programmes young people need to succeed in finding and keeping a job in the modern world.

They could select any medium to present their stories including an article, a life story, audio or video material, an interview or a drawing. The key was that the submission demonstrated the realities of what it’s like being a young person and the challenges and opportunities of gaining the skills needed for getting a job. We’ll be showcasing the winning entries soon.

Next stop for the winners? The ADB International Skills Development Forum in Manila from 9-12 December 2013. The fantastic 9 will join a number of other youths from the Philippines and get a chance to take part in a dialogue with key regional players.

Congrats to Md S (Bangladesh), Khin S (Cambodia), Pu R (China), Amit K (India), Siti W (Indonesia), Shahid I (Pakistan), W.M.A. D (Sri Lanka), Chakrapan C (Thailand), Ngoc (Vietnam).

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